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The initial data on this site were obtained from the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) developed at the University of Washington by the FMATM Research Project and is provided under license from the University of Washington.
  • We owe the Foundational Model of Anatomy gratitude to providing their data as open source, available for general use. This enabled the realization of the original version of in 2007 and continued to form the initial data set offered in the present version of
  • We pursued to copy the data and to credit the contributions of FMA as accurately as possible. Unintentional errors may have occurred however, which are outside the responsibility of FMA. Please consult the Foundational Model of Anatomy site and the Foundational Model Explorer to obtain the original and most recent version of the FMA data.
Further contributions and sources:
  • S. Blankevoort, Medical Artist: front-page background and icons
  • R. Slagter, Medical Artist: CASK-logo
  • Lists of languages, countries and medical specialists: Wikipedia, license: CC BY SA
  • All contributors of data on this site are credited on the information panels on the structures/concepts and terms. We owe them gratitude for their contributions that form the basis of this site. The collected data will be made available under an Open Source License.