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superficial femoral artery

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by: Professor Dr I (Ian ) W Whitmore, MD. Prof., Anatomist, Faculty in Health Related Topic, United Kingdom  [Change Id: 10003]
NEW Structure/Concept: [ATI-ConceptId:7309]
SET (or ADDED) Definition or Description:That part of the femoral artery that continues from the origin of the deep femoral branch
NEW Term for this Structure/Concept (was MOVED FROM the Concept 'Arteria femoralis' [ATI-ConceptId: 1167] ):superficial femoral artery [ATI-TermId: 31111]
Primary Term:superficial femoral artery
Real/Virtual:Physical structure (including spaces) or referring to something physical, such as an area, shape, line, etc.
Observation Scale:Macroscopic
Developmental Phase:Both prenatal and postnatal
Normal/Variation:Normal / canonic
Repetition Pattern:One instance on the left and one instance on the right
Left/right specific:Generic (side not specified)
Numbered:This concept/structure is NOT numbered
SET (or ADDED) Contributor:Ian Whitmore
SET (or ADDED) Link/Relation:Arteria femoralis [ATI-ConceptId: 1167] includes superficial femoral artery [ATI-ConceptId: 7309]
by: O. Paul Gobée, MD., Anatomist, e-learning developer, Netherlands  [Change Id: 10252]
CHANGED Definition or Description [That part of the {femoral artery} that c...] INTO:That part of the {femoral artery} that continues after the origin of the {deep artery of thigh}
by:  [Change Id: 34838]
NEW Term for this Structure/Concept:股浅动脉
REASON FOR CHANGE(S): mass Import of Chinese terms from Excel 20-05-2016