Review Criteria

The American Association for Clinical Anatomy (AACA) organizes the reviewing of items on this site. Reviewing is performed by anatomical and clinical experts, invited from relevant disciplines and language areas. The table of reviews below shows who reviewed this item and his or her reasons for accepting or rejecting it.

Terms are reviewed, based on the following criteria:

Note that desirability of usage of the term explicitly is NOT part of the review. A positive review does NOT imply that the term is recommended or desirable. Desirability of usage is strongly dependent on setting (clinical, regional etc). expressly does NOT issue statements regarding desirability of specific terms, besides notifying official recommendation status through marking with a Terminologia Anatomica Id where applying.


Judgement Reviewer Date and time Reason(s) for judgement Current?
Approve Professor Dr Ian Whitmore, MD. Prof., Anatomist, Faculty in Health Related Topic, United Kingdom 12 May 2014 9:10 Initial review by Foundational Model of Anatomy Group, Univ. of Washington. Obsoleted, because item was changed after this review.