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Ligamentum Pouparti


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by: A.A.H. (Fred) van Immerseel, Other Health Practitioner, Netherlands  [Change Id: 3]
NEW Term:Ligamentum Pouparti [ATI-TermId:31578]
Concept to which this term belongs:Ligamentum inguinale [ATI-ConceptId: 4672]
Clinical Term:Yes
SET (or ADDED) Reference (Book):Het Menselijk Lichaam, 3 Ed., prof. dr. A. Faller, 1978, ISBN:90 313 0296 1, Bohn, Scheltema & Holkema
SET (or ADDED) Reference (Book):Woordenboek van medische eponiemen, 2 Ed., dr. T. Beijer, dr. C.G.L. Apeldoorn, 1998, ISBN:90 313 2891 X, Bohn, Stafleu Van Loghum, Houten
SET (or ADDED) Contributor: A.A.H. van Immerseel, Netherlands
REASON FOR CHANGE(S): Import Dutch terms