Anatomical (ATI) aims to clarify anatomical terminology to benefit all users of anatomical terms - medical students, students in paramedical fields or nursing, anatomists, physicians, health care workers and the public at large.

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15 April 2018 This site has come under auspices of the Nederlandse Anatomen Vereniging (Dutch Association of Anatomists).
20 May 2016 7361 CHINESE terms collected by Prof. Chao Ma, ? ? and students, Peking Union Medical College, added.
19 May 2014 New functionality: Recommend images. Example
3 Feb. 2014 New tool: to add AnatomicalTerms-hyperlinks to your documents, see: Tools
23 Jan. 2014 1000 terms added, including 850 Dutch terms and 220 eponyms, by AAH van Immerseel, dissector LUMC
1 Dec. 2013 New site launched